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MMjOS Benefits and Testimonials

According to Our Customers

MMJOS is recommended to anyone who needs to easily process and manage their patient records. MMJOS has allowed us to cut back on patient processing time by streamlining our patient intake into one simple program. The software is user friendly and very little training was needed for my staff to feel comfortable. The technical support was prompt and direct, which provided tremendous relief for me as a business owner.

- TLPC Collective
Venice, California

We've been using the MMJOS system since 2009 and have truly been impressed with its simplicity. The data entry fields and user set up is straight forward and easy to navigate, which is critical with a lobby full of patients.

We were with another service and their on-line verification was always down and of course they were never available to assist us or provide any technical support. MMJOS is always available to us; just a phone call away! They are eager to please their customers and implement suggested improvements immediately. It's a pleasure working with MMJOS.

There are other more expensive and cumbersome programs to choose from and I guaranty none will match the prompt and professional support provided by MMJOS. Regardless of price, we have found MMJOS to be the "gold" standard for our software needs. I believe price is what you pay and VALUE is what you get. For us, there is no greater VALUE than the service and support we receive from Steve and MMJOS!"

- Ken Muraki
Orange Medical Marijuana Evaluations

We love using Medical MDB/MMjOS as it speeds up time entering patient information, tracking visits, and adding specific notes to patient files. I have never come across an easier to use interface! Everything is laid out in a helpful way that makes training new users easier than ever! I would recommend this system to ANY person who is starting a collective, updating their current software, or wants a convenient way to track patient information for their medical marijuana co-op/collective.

- Camm Collective
Orange County

I find the system to be extremely user friendly (i.e. it is easy for new employees to learn). It allows us to quickly verify patients and allow patients efficient access to the dispensary. All the patient information we need is consolidated in one location and it informs us if anything expires. It gives directors/managers a sense of security, knowing that the system is helping to verify that patients documentation is in order.

- Pacific Coast Collective
Santa Barbara

MMjOS gives me the ability to spend more time with my patients. Its so easy and user friendly. This should be the software everyone uses for compliance of all the current MMJ states. Because our law has reciprocity this is a real help to assure verifications and compliance.

- Charlie Wynott
Executive Director,
Maine Medical Marijuana Resource Center,
and Americans For Safe Access Portland Area Ambassador

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Latest News

MMjOS Version 5.0
Due to popular demand, over two dozen improvements and new features are included this release. The most notable of these are in the areas of Member Contact Management and Home Delivery.

Contact Management

We've added the ability to send text messages for individuals or groups of members, and we've added Email Merge Templates, which allow you to send personalized email messages using information from the database, whether for one-time mailings or standard messages you want to use on a regular basis. All mailings/messages sent are stored in the database providing a history of such contacts. Bulk email blasts can be scheduled to run overnight, and you can send the same message to people that haven't given you an email address using direct (snail) mail.

MMjOS provides the ability target just about any group of members you can think of. For example, you can send:

  • Notices to patients whose recommendation is going to expire soon (or has recently expired).
  • Messages or special offers to people that haven't visited in a while.
  • Messages or special offers to people whose birthday is coming up soon.
  • Monthly newsletters for those that have signed up for them.
  • A message to all your medicine growers/providers.
  • Home Delivery Support

    This feature has been further ehanced to make the process smooth and easy. For a review of all of our delivery features, see our Home Delivery page.